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We are now accepting nominations for all 2024 CFPA board positions. A description of all positions can be found below. Once nominations are complete the current CFPA board will be reaching out to all nominees to confirm interest and eligibility in accordance with our bylaws. The board election will take place for current CFPA members in May 2024. To submit a nominee you can either complete the anonymous form in the nomination link below or email nominees to cfpa@cofireprotection.org (which is not anonymous). When completing the anonymous form you are able to complete the form multiple times if you would like to nominate someone for multiple positions or nominate multiple different people for different positions.

All board nominations are open from 3/11/2024 until 4/30/2024.

Anonymous CFPA Board Nomination Form

Board Position Descriptions

Chairperson (1 Position)

The Chairperson shall preside at Chapter meetings, shall assist the NFSA Staff Liaison in communications between the Chapter and the national NFSA staff, shall work to ensure the Chapter’s compliance with NFSA policies, and shall perform such other duties as may be necessary incident to the office. The Chairperson shall vote on an action to be undertaken by the Chapter only in the case of a tie vote and, in such case, shall cast the deciding vote.

Vice Chairperson (1 Position)

The Vice Chairperson shall, at the request of the Chairperson, act as Chairperson in his/her absence at meetings and shall assume the office of Chairperson on an interim basis in the event of the Chairperson’s resignation, removal, or in the event of vacancy for any other reason until a special election may be held. In addition, the Vice Chairperson shall assist the Chairperson and NFSA Staff Liaison in communicating with the national NFSA staff, shall assist the Chairperson in ensuring the Chapter’s compliance with NFSA policies, and shall perform such other duties as may be necessary incident to the office or as requested by the Chairperson.

Secretary (1 Position)

The Secretary shall maintain the minutes of each Chapter Membership and/or Directors meeting and perform such other functions as deemed necessary and appropriate by the Chapter Directors and Membership

Treasurer (1 Position)

The Treasurer shall work with NFSA staff to help oversee the Chapter’s operating funds. The Treasurer shall request updated financial records from the NFSA Director of Finance and NFSA Staff Liaison at least seven (7) days prior to each Chapter meeting. The Treasurer shall present an updated financial report at each Chapter meeting.

At Large Directors (3 Positions)

The At Large Directors shall act as advisors to the board and ensure that all activities and expenditures are in accordance with CFPA bylaws, policies, and procedures. One At Large Director must be a Supplier/Manufacturer member.


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